Video: Police find kidnapped victim tied and gagged in trunk of car

Police officials were stunned after finding a kidnapped victim with her hands tied and her mouth gagged in the trunk of a vehicle during a routine check.

When two men in a white vehicle pulled up to a checkpoint in Brazil, police officials became suspicious after hearing screams coming from the back of the trunk.

It was not immediately made clear if authorities ordered the occupants to exit the vehicle, but in a two-minute video, shared on Live Leak, it shows an officer rummaging through the vehicle in a bid to open the trunk.

Another officer is seen trying desperately to open the trunk with his hands, but it wouldn’t budge. He then tried pressing several buttons on the dashboard of the vehicle in hopes that the trunk would open.

When police were finally able to open the trunk, they made a shocking discovery.

A kidnapped victim was found inside of the trunk, curled up with her hands tied and her mouth gagged. Officers immediately helped the woman, who was sobbing uncontrollably, out of the trunk of the vehicle and onto her feet. An officer removed the cloth from her mouth while another began cutting her hands free with a knife.

Afterward, the victim began to hyperventilate while reaching out her arms to the officer, who didn’t hesitate to console her.Towards the end of the video, the officer can be seen holding the vehicle, trying to get her to calm down.

Although the incident happened in Brazil, the exact location is unknown.Circumstances leading up to the kidnapping has not been released, nor has the names of the victim and her alleged kidnappers. – Police checkpoint finds kidnapping victim in the trunk