Georgia toddler beaten to almost-death, not expected to survive

A 21-month-old little boy is in critical condition at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta after his father reportedly beat him so badly that it caused internal bleeding and broken ribs.

NBC 11 Alive reports that Shomari Holmes, the toddler’s father, is accused of striking the child in the head and chest with a closed fist between February 4 and February 11. In an interview with officers from the Marietta Police Department, Holmes admitted to beating the boy. He also admitted to injuring a 3-year-old little girl who lived in the Marietta apartment with her mother, Chantelle Drive, the toddler boy, and Holmes.

Drive, the mother of both injured children, was arrested after she failed to call police and seek medical assistance after Holmes, her boyfriend, injured the children. Holmes is father to the 21-month-old, but the 3-year-old girl has a different father, whose name is disclosed.

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Physicians stated that the 21-month-old is likely to pass away from internal bleeding, but he may have been saved had he gotten medical treatment earlier. The 3-year-old girl is in stable condition.

Both suspects remain in Cobb County jail. Driver was charged with contributing the deprivation of a minor resulting in serious injury or death, criminal negligence, and cruelty to children. Her bond amount amount is $80,000. Holmes was charged with cruelty to children, simple battery, and felony aggravated battery. He has no bond. Should the little boy die, charges will be upgraded for both suspects.

The story is still developing. Check back later for updates.

[Feature Photo: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office]