SEE IT: Terrifying moment several people are injured when car barrels into crowd

An automobile show turns tragic when one of the participants loses control of their vehicle and slams into a crowd of spectators, leaving several people injured.

The incident occurred on February 12 at the La Rotonda de la Presidencia, a Motor-Fest event in Río Bravo, Mexico.

About three hours into the event, two drivers began performing doughnut maneuvers in close proximity to dozens of spectators. Seconds later, one of the drivers in a black mustang loses control and barrels head-on into the crowd.

Video footage of the event shows the moment several people rush to the collision site to help the injured. At least five people were injured, three of which were serious, according to local reports.

Among the injured were two females, ages 14 and 67, who both suffered leg fractures, El Mañana reported. A third woman, who was reportedly four months pregnant, was transported to a local hospital with an ankle injury.

There were no barricades or precautionary measures standing between the cars and spectators, leaving many locals to criticize the event. The event was reportedly only supposed to be an exhibition of cars, and thus did not have a permit from authorities to perform the drifting stunts.

According to Hora Cero, a local news outlet, the president of Mustang Drift Club RB, has assumed responsibility for the incident and has stated that the company will cover the expenses of the injured.

The Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation into the incident, though no official complaints have been filed, Hora Cero reported.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]