Anger management! Dr Phil guest ‘thought it was funny’ to defecate on sister’s porch

A 26-year-old psychology student apparently admitted on a Dr. Phil episode that he defecated on his sister’s porch—and enjoyed it!

“Blake” appeared on Dr. Phil last Wednesday with this mother, Sandra, and sister, Sarah. The women felt something may be psychologically wrong with Blake. They dubbed him as a verbally abusive, jobless conman who sits around all day smoking marijuana. They also accused of being extremely disrespectful to women and a “complete hothead” who could snap in a split second.

One of the worst instances of what Sandra and Sarah call Blake’s abusive behavior is when he defecated on his sister’s porch, seemingly for no reason.

“One time I got in an argument with Sarah and I got so mad I told her ‘I am going to defecate on your porch. I was serious. I walked up to her porch, pulled down my pants and I defecated all over.  I thought it was hysterical. My mom had to clean it up and I’d do it again. It’s not that big of a deal.”

He’s also threatened to kill his mother, sister, and grandparents during his numerous “rage” incidents, and even told his mother he’d set her house on fire, despite him living there rent-free.

“He threatens things like that all the time. I mean, he’s even threatened to burn down my parent’s house with them in it and that I would lose everything that matters to me and that would make him happy.”

Sarah was the first to admit she enabled her son, but she said she had no clue where his outrageous behavior came from. She did point out, however, that mental illness ran in the family on Blake’s father side, spurring her to reach out to Dr. Phil for help. Should Blake be kicked out of the family home or does he have a legitimate mental illness that’s causing the family turmoil?


[Feature Photo: YouTube/Dr. Phil]