Call the Ark! Exotic animals rescued after owners flee

Last Sunday, citizens living near the failed Oroville Dam in North Sacramento, California, fled to safety over continued fear that the dam might burst and cause dangerous flooding.  As authorities checked abandoned properties in the area, they discovered an assortment of exotic animals, including an albino kangaroo, mini-deer, and zebras.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reportedly located a veteran animal rescue worker, Tamara Archer Houston in Sutter County, who volunteered to keep them on her property until their owners return to claim them.

CHP officers posted photos of the animals on Facebook, stating, “We never know what we’ll discover out here. We hope life gets back to normal here real soon and that the owners are able to return to their properties.

People posting on the Facebook page expressed outrage that so many animals were left behind, but officers reminded readers that residents had less than an hour to evacuate.  CHP assures residents that all the animals are safe and will be cared for until they can return to their homes.

The exotics were not the only displaced animals.  As reported by SF Gate, an animal evacuation center in Chico, California, set up for the emergency included lots of dogs and cats but also roosters, guinea pigs, cows, horses, turtles, a mini horse and others.

CHP summed it up with a thankful Facebook post.

“We are thankful for the random acts of kindness we find out in the community. Everyone seems to be coming together to take care of each other. This is what makes California so special.”

[Photo: Facebook/CHP]