Crime scene tape

Dead victim found with zip-ties around neck in posh jewelry store

The victim was lying in a pool of his own blood

It sounds like an episode of Law & Order, but it’s real.

An employee of a New York City jewelry store was found dead with zip-ties around his neck, according to the New York Post.  Police told the newspaper that the victim, Omid Gholian, was in a pool of his own blood when he was discovered in the store’s bathroom on Wednesday afternoon.

Gholian’s family had reported him missing when they hadn’t heard from his for a days, prompting him to search for him at his place of employment, World of Gold N Diamond in Manhattan’s upscale TriBeCa neighborhood. When the gate was locked in his first visit, police helped gain access to the store at about 4:30 on Wednesday. EMTs pronounced Gholian dead at the scene.

Fred Laleh, a fellow jeweler in the neighborhood, told DNAInfo that also worried something was wrong when he say the store was closed on Tuesday.

“He was a very friendly, decent guy. He was a very hard worker. We’d talk two or three times a day,” Laleh said.

According to the Post, there is yet no clear motive for the alleged crime. The store was reportedly not ransacked, and authorities are still working to determine whether anything had been stolen.

The medical examiner is reportedly conducting an investigation to determine the cause of death.