New Yorkers threaten to ‘die’ when Chik-Fil-A shut down for a day

Do not stand between a New Yorker and their Chik-Fil-A

People love their Chik-Fil-A. They love it so much, apparently, that even a day without the artery-clogging treat was too much to bear for some devastated New Yorkers.

The New York Post reports that some Chik-Fil-A devotees nearly lost their minds after a Midtown Manhattan was closed down for one day this week by the Health Department, due to an unspecified “permit issue.” The Post interviewed some of the outraged chicken sandwich devotees as they struggled to absorb the shock of being denied their Chik fix on Wednesday.

“I’m dying!” said 0ne man, according to The Post. ‘”What am I going to do?! I am really upset … I love the chicken sandwich.”

Another woman told The Post she had been “dreaming” of Chik-Fil-A all day — and she wasn’t willing to take no for an answer. When she couldn’t fulfill her dream at that closed location, she pressed on and walked nearly ten blocks to an open restaurant.

“All I ever wanted was Chick-fil-A,” the woman told The Post. “I’m happy and I’m bragging to my friends now I made the trip, a whole few blocks away. If it was something else, I would have changed my mind. I’m satisfied and I can focus now and move on with my life.”

All’s well that ends well.