WATCH: David Cassidy nearly falls offstage during concert

Fans are concerned he is drinking again

David Cassidy slurred his words, forgot his lyrics, and even slipped and fell offstage at a concert in California tonight, raising concerns among fans that the former Partridge Family star is drinking again.

Cassidy was playing a show in Agoura, California, on Saturday night, and according to video footage obtained by TMZ, appeared to do more talking than singing, launching into repeated, incoherent monologues. During some song performances, he seemed to forget the lyrics, danced around on stage on his guitar as the band accompanied him.

The former teen idol also reportedly said that Saturday night’s show outside of Los Angeles would be his last, although he had another concert date scheduled in Santa Barbara on Sunday. Cassidy had previously said he was planning to retire from touring due to health issues.

Cassidy has struggled with substance abuse in the past, and has been to rehab multiple times.


Photo: Associated Press