Boozing teacher charged with seducing, getting student drunk — a second time

Two minors claim the teacher fed them alcohol before having sex with him

A Utah teacher is once again facing charges of sexually assaulting a minor — a month after she was charged with first-degree felony rape of another student.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Sarah Lindsay Lewis, 27, is now facing a second charge of first-degree felony rape and another two counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor, after a 17-year-old came forward to say he had sexual relations with the teacher.  In both cases, she is accusing of providing liquor to the 17-year-old boys before seducing them.

Prosecutors told the Salt Lake Tribune that because the teens are minors, they could not legally consent to sexual activity and that Lewis, who was a dance and social studies teacher at Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, “occupied a position of special trust” when she took advantage of them.

The incidents reportedly occurred in late December and early January. According to charging documents obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune, Lewis provided alcohol to one the boys on a separate occasion in January.

The charging documents allege that Lewis began corresponding with the most recent victim via Snapchat, and he reportedly said the initial correspondences were “normal.” Later, Lewis allegedly sent the student a photo of herself drinking alcohol with the message “let’s party.”

Both alleged sexual encounters reportedly took place in Lewis’s bedroom. The student involved in the earlier charges reportedly took a cell phone recording of he and the teacher kissing.

Lewis has been in custody in a Utah County jail in lieu of $20,000 bail since January 24. She is scheduled to appear in court on February 27.


Photo: Utah County Jail