Ohio parents mug shots after son, 8, ODs on heroin

The little boy had a bag of heroin in his sock

An Ohio couple has been charged with child endangerment after their 8-year-old son overdosed on heroin in their home.

Charles Dowdy and Danielle Simko of Berea, Ohio, are in custody in Cuyahoga County after their 8-year-old son was hospitalized last month due to an apparent overdose.

According to The Washington Post, on January 11, Dowdy called 911 and said that his son was unresponsive. He told the dispatcher that the boy’s lips had turned blue, and said he believed he had somehow suffocated.

“I think he was sleeping and I think what happened was he rolled over and I don’t think he could breathe,” Dowdy reportedly said. “I think he was just, like, in the pillow and he suffocated.”

Dowdy told the 911 dispatcher that his son was 7 year old, but the date of birth on the police report says the boy is 8 years old.

Emergency responders were able to get a pulse from the boy before he was transported to the hospital, where he survived.

According to Cleveland.com, a bag of heroin and some prescription pills were found in the boy’s sock. When police questioned the parents, Dowdy reportedly admitted to using drugs in the home earlier that day.

Both parents are being held on $150,000 bail, and are expected in court on February 22.

[Feature Photo: Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department]