Disgruntled man busts in employer’s home with a chainshaw

A Lewis County, New York, man is recovering from serious hand injuries after one of his employees broke into his home on Sunday night with a chainsaw.

The Rome Sentinel reports that Kyle M. Poore, 29, of Lyon Falls, allegedly went over to his employer’s home, uninvited, at around 10 p.m. The employer, whose name is disclosed, fled to his bedroom, but Poore used a chainsaw to cut through the door. The employer held the door handle in an attempt to keep the door shut, but Poore reportedly cut the man’s hand with the chainsaw. He received severe lacerations in his left hand, resulting in tendon damage.

By the time police arrived, Poore had already fled the scene. Schini, a state police K9, found the suspect a few miles away in a wooded area. He was arrested without incident.

It’s still unclear why Poore decided to attack his employer, but the stunt resulted in several charges against him, including burglary, assault, and possession of a weapon. He’s also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, but authorities didn’t specify how or where a child was endangered. His bail was set at $15,000.

This isn’t the first time Poore has been charged with burglary. In March 2015, he was sentenced to a year in jail for burglary and unlawful entering after he broke into Roseanne Poore’s home in Martinsburg.

[Feature Photo: Lewis County PD]