Man shoots lady neighbor dead in front yard, claims he was defending himself against roll of tape

Texas man accused of killing female neighbor breaks his silence

A Houston man broke his silence on the Dr. Phil show on Wednesday, claiming he shot dead his 53-year-old neighbor in self defense, as she came at him armed with a roll of tape and a Schnauzer.

Hector Campos, 43, is accused of killing next-door neighbor, Ana Weed, after shooting her in the heart in their quiet suburban neighborhood in Spring, Texas.

“She was coming at me” Campos tells Dr, Phil. “I don’t know if I’d do anything differently.”

Legal experts agree that Campos’ statements on national TV, including his claim of self-defense against a roll of tape and a tiny Schnauzer dog, will be played back in open court and used against him.

But does the plot thicken?  Those familiar with Campos said the shooting of his unarmed female-neighbor was pure revenge.  They indicated Campos hated Weed because she helped his wife file for divorce and flee to Mexico last year. Sources said Weed even bought the wife’s plane ticket because Campos’s repeatedly cancelled her reservation.

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Shooting victim Ana Weed’s distraught husband, Scott Weed, says to local station KHOU that the suspect show his wife at point-blank range.

“My wife was squatted down holding the dog. Hector point blank shot her in the chest with intent to kill.”

But Campos said Weed shoved him and felt threatened by the roll of tape in her hand.

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