Mommy and daddy BUSTED after 8-yr-old boy found in bed, blue, OD on heroin

Nancy Grace plays the 911 call on the latest episode of Crime Stories

Charles Dowdy called 911 and pleaded for help after noticing his eight-year-old son’s lips had turned blue and the boy was not breathing. “Please hurry!” Dowdy begged.

“I think he was sleeping and I think what happened was he rolled over and I don’t think he could breathe,” Dowdy told the 911 dispatcher. “I think he was just, like, in the pillow and he suffocated.”

But blood tests confirmed the child suffered a heroin overdose. Dowdy and partner Danielle Simko are both in the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, jail facing child endangerment and drug charges after emergency room workers found a bag of heroin and pills stuff in a toy watch in the son’s sock.

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Nancy Grace and Alan Duke share the father’s dramatic 911 call and discuss the destructive heroin epidemic in this “Crime Stories” episode.

[Feature Photo: Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department]