Texas teacher demands pay raise, threatens to set staff on fire and ‘burn them alive’

A Dallas, Texas, high school teacher is in hot water after allegedly threatening to set an entire school staff on fire if he didn’t get a raise.

Dallas Morning News reports that Omar Alaniz, 29, a social studies teacher at Seagoville High School, is accused of making terroristic threats via email to staff members at the high school. He wanted the “Master Teacher Salary,” which apparently would pay him higher than his $52,000 a year salary.

In one email, the frustrated teacher told staff members they would burn alive. In a subsequent email, he told threatened that anyone who didn’t obey his commands would be “put down immediately by Dallas PD.” To make his point clear, he attached a photo of Dallas police officers with weapons.

After school officials called authorities, Alaniz fled and stayed missing for around a week. Police caught him in his home on Saturday, where he readily admitted numerous times to sending the email threats. He claimed he wanted a way to bring a major change to the way the school system handled pay. He wanted to “make a difference” within the system.

According to the suspect’s sister, Arlene, Alaniz isn’t a terrorist, but was suffering a mental breakdown after their grandfather recently passed away.

“We’re getting our brother the help he needs. There’s no need for anyone to be afraid of him.”

Alaniz was arrested and booked into jail on a $1,500 bond. The school placed him on administrative while the incident is investigated further.

[Feature Photo: Dallas Police Department]