The dog did it: Florida man claims dog shot girlfriend


A Florida man claimed that his pet dog accidentally shot his girlfriend on Tuesday night.

KTRK reports that Jacksonville police responded to Brian Murphy’s 911 call at around 11:25 p.m, off of Patou Drive. When authorities arrived, they met Murphy and his dog, Diesel. Murphy claimed that he let the pup outside at some point during the evening.

When he walked the dog back into dark bedroom, Diesel became alarmed and started barking. According to Murphy, the dog discharged a gun when the pup bumped into a nightstand.

A bullet apparently hit Murphy’s girlfriend, Summer Miracle, while she slept. The bullet hit Miracle in the right leg. Murphy said he wrapped a towel around her leg and rushed her to the hospital. Later, Miracle told police that she’s not sure how she got shot since she was sleeping when it happened.

Diesel and his owner aren’t facing any criminal charges. Both Murphy and Miracle declined media requests for comments.