Peabody murder suspect says dead couple gave heroin to his grandfather

A fugitive in the double murder was arrested on Friday

The second suspect in a grisly Massachusetts murder last weekend is in custody after he was cited for solicitation.

According to the Boston Herald, Wes Doughty, 39, was begging for money at a highway intersection in South Carolina Friday when police ticketed him for soliciting. Lt. Kevin Bobo of the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office told the newspaper that police discovered the warrant for the double murder when they ran his name through National Crime Information Center.

Doughty was wanted for the murder of  Mark Greenlaw, 37, and Jennifer O’Connor, 40, who were found dead in their Peabody, Massachusetts, home last weekend, and for a carjacking in which he allegedly held the car owner captive for three hours before he escaped.

Authorities told the Boston Herald that Doughty confessed to the carjacking and led police to the car.

The carjacking victim, Kenneth Metz, reportedly told police that Doughty admitted to killing Greenlaw and O’Connor because they gave his grandfather heroin.

On Monday, Michael Hetz, who is believed to be Doughty’s accomplice, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder.

Doughty will be arraigned on Monday in South Carolina on fugitive charges, and is expected to be returned to Massachusetts by the end of next week.


Photo: Spartanberg Sheriff’s Office