Watch: Boy risks his safety, takes on bully who hurt smaller student

When a high school student in Canada saw a fellow student getting bullied, he risked his own safety to help him. The boy’s mother is proud of her son, but upset that the school isn’t do a lot to help out kids who are being bullied frequently in an area beside the school.

Global News reports that Melany Barrick posted a video on Facebook last week that depicted a bullying incident that occurred at Cité-des-Jeunes High School in Vaudreuil, Canada, last month. The video shows a young teen in a bright orange jacket being shoved harshly by another student at least three times. That’s when Mary’s son, Kevin, 17, wearing a dark grey hoodie and light grey sweatpants stepped in, and jumped on the bully.

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While most people are praising Kevin for his bravery, the school thought otherwise. Although he didn’t get in trouble after the school administration watched the video, Melany said a similar situation happened the following week, and the school suspended her son. She blamed it on lack of surveillance and monitoring in an area next to the school, called an “arena,” where bullying tends to take place.

“It is a problem to the school, that arena. It’s where everything happens.” “It’s two minutes away (from the school). They’re able to put somebody to watch from that school to that place during lunch or break or whatever – just to make sure the kids are safe.”

A spokesperson for the school indicated that the school would look into the issue and see if it warrants surveillance, but in the meantime, he encouraged students to join the anti-bully workshops on campus.

Kevin admitted that he’s been suspended from school on several occasions. However, he said it happened mostly after he took on bullies attacking weaker students.

“When I see someone that can’t defend themselves, I feel the need to help. I maybe just won’t be as rough next time.”