Caught on Video: Man gunned down dead over iPhone

Twenty-year-old D’eAndre Malik Thomas turned himself in to authorities in Macon, Georgia, less than 24 hours after he allegedly shot and killed Kareem Mano, 25, in a grocery store parking lot, reports The Telegraph. 

A surveillance camera in front of USA Grocery recorded the altercation, which showed Thomas getting out of a white sedan and handing something to Mano.

According to sheriff’s deputies, Mano was arguing with Thomas over a locked iPhone for Mano’s girlfriend’s sister, and Mano was demanding Thomas return the money. The men spoke for a couple of minutes before Mano pulled a large gun out of his pants, but he then returned it to his waistband.

The two continued to argue before Thomas pulled out a gun and began shooting at Mano. The video shows Mano running away and collapsing behind an SUV at a nearby gas pump. Thomas, who turned himself in to authorities the following day, was free on a $65,000 bond, awaiting trial related to a robbery last April.

Mano’s parents spoke with the local NBC News station following Mano’s death.

“My son pulled a gun out first,” said Kenneth Mano. “Someone pulled out a gun on you, the truth is you would be feeling threatened. But for it to escalate. How did my son who was walking away, get shot?”

This is the second child the Mano family lost to gun violence. Another of their sons was shot and killed in 2003 in Brooklyn, NY, while waiting for a bus.

[Feature Photo: Macon PD]