Drone invasion: GoPro crashes through woman’s Manhattan high-rise apartment

Recreational drone use is against the law in the city

A Manhattan woman was relaxing at home Sunday evening when a drone came crashing through the window of her high-rise apartment.

According to the New York Post, the 66-year-old woman was working on her computer when the one-by-one foot GoPro Karma Quadcopter device came crashing in and landed on her floor.

“Poor lady. She’s lucky she wasn’t killed,” Stephanie Bowden, who was visiting her boyfriend in the building at the time, told the New York Post.

“I’d say the statistics for this happening are really, really low,” Nick Ward, who lives on the 30th floor of the same building, told the Post.

“The last thing you expect is for something to come crashing through the window,” Ward said. “I can’t imagine how scary that must have been.’’

There was no reports of injuries. According to the newspaper, police are currently trying to identify the owner of the drone and where it came from. The flying of recreational drones is prohibited in New York City outside of five public parks in the outer boroughs, and they cannot be flown within five miles of an airport, though those rules have not always been honored — since 2015 there have been multiple reports of drone sightings at NYC airports.

The woman who had the unexpected intruder declined to comment to the New York Post.