Sleep Driving: Fitness Guru Jackie Warner claims Ambien defense In DUI, cop assault

Fitness guru Jackie Warner blames a sleeping pill for her weekend drunk driving arrest, in which she allegedly tried to hit a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy with her Porsche.

Warner, best known for her Bravo TV show, Work Out,  said she took one Ambien pill before laying down to sleep Friday evening. When Warner woke up, she was surrounded by deputies in a hospital emergency room, she said. Everything after she went to bed was a total blank for her, she said.

The police report accuses Warner of driving into a utility pole before backing into the deputy’s cruiser. Warner was charged with drunk driving and felony assault with a deadly weapon. She was freed on $50,000 bond.

Warner, 48, acknowledged having a drink during a business dinner before taking an Uber ride home on Friday evening.

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke explore Warner’s Ambien defense in this “Crime Stories” episode.

[Feature Photo: AP/Jeff Christensen]