California man steals puppy, owner gets dragged by car

Help police catch this California dog snatcher!

Last Thursday in Victorville, California, a man was walking down the road with his puppy when a motorist grabbed the dog from him.  After snatching the dog, the driver sped off, trapping the man’s arms through the car window, dragging him down the road.

The incident began at the Rancho Seneca Apartments on Thursday afternoon, where the victim’s puppy, a 2-month-old pit bull, was stolen. The victim’s mother reports that her son reached into the vehicle trying to grab his puppy. She said the driver drove off at a high-rate of speed while her son grabbed onto the vehicle.

Another motorist, Mawusi Fiagbenu, captured the ordeal on cell phone video.

“Both of his arms were in the window and the windows were rolled up and he was hanging out the car. The  car drove out of the Rancho Senecas and drug him all the way down to Mojave, made a right on Mojave and then dropped him off right here on Ashley Glen when the man finally opened the window and let him out.”

I couldn't believe my eye's yesterday so i recorded it

Posted by Mawusi Fiagbenu on Friday, February 24, 2017


“Oh my God. Oh my God,” the woman could be heard screaming as she recorded the incident on her phone. At one point in the ordeal, the car even accelerated as it went around a bend. The video shows the car continuing to drive down the road, speeding up as it goes around a bend. Eventually, the driver of the vehicle rolls the window down, releasing the man who fell to the ground.

The woman making the cell phone video claims it lasted for several minutes, and that she was the one to call 911 to get help for the victim.  He was screaming in pain as the skin appeared to have been scraped off his legs. He was transferred to a local hospital with cuts and scrapes to his knees, and injuries to his arm.

No arrests have been made in connection with the incident and the man’s puppy has not been recovered. Deputies searched throughout the area, but have yet to find the suspect.

“The only description was a dark colored Honda, driven by a black male adult with a pony tail. Neither the suspect nor the vehicle were located,” said Victorville Sheriff’s Spokeswoman, Mara Rodriguez.

After reviewing the video, officials determined that the suspect was likely driving a Ford Fusion.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]