Incredible: Drunk Mom uses girl’s breath to start car and flee crash scene?

She is accused of using her 8-year-old daughter to bypass the ignition interlock

A woman believed to have a history of drunk driving is accused of using her young daughter’s breath to bypass an anti-drunk driving device on her car — before she got into another DUI wreck.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Angela Daywalt, of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, is facing multiple charges, including drunken driving and corruption of minors.

Police told the news station that a witness told them Daywalt, 36, pressured her 8-year-old daughter to blow into the ignition interlock on February 13. The devices are meant to prevent people with past DUI convictions from driving drunk again; when used properly, the car will not start if the driver has a blood-alcohol level over the limit.

Not long after, Daywalt reportedly crashed her car with her daughter in it, and allegedly left the scene of the one-car accident. According to Fox 43, Daywalt was found at her home after police responded to an accident report, and taken into custody for a blood-alcohol screening, which found her to be intoxicated. There are no reports of injuries.

There is an unverified online record of a previous arrest for an Angela Daywalt in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, in 2013. According to NBC Philadelphia, Daywalt does not currently have an attorney on record.


Image: Pixabay