Handcuffed boy walks into store saying he’s been kidnapped, then disappears

A young boy walks into a liquor store claiming to have been kidnapped disappears before help arrives on the scene. As police investigate the unusual incident, the boy’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The unidentified boy, believed to be about 12 years old, walked into Nino’s Liquor Store on Detroit’s east side around 1 p.m. on February 22.

The boy, seen in surveillance photos wearing handcuffs, initially told witnesses that he was playing with friends when he accidentally handcuffed himself, Detroit police said. He later changed his story and said he was kidnapped.

Concerned witnesses quickly called 911 to report a possible abduction. When officers arrived just minutes later, the boy was gone. It is not known what direction the boy went after he left the store. Though there have not been any reports of a missing child in the area, police are trying to locate the boy because of what he said inside of the store.

‘’He’s not in any trouble – at this point we want to make that very clear just in case he is watching,” police spokesperson Michael Woody told Fox 2 Detroit. “We just want to make sure he is okay, his parents are okay and we can move on from this.”

Police are taking this incident seriously as the liquor store the boy walked into was the same store a 13-year-old boy was abducted from last year. Not long after an Amber Alert was issued, police found the boy’s dead body in a field on Detroit’s east side.

That child, Deontae Mitchell, had been tortured and murdered for taking some cash he found outside of the store, WDIV reported. Three suspects have been charged and sentenced in his death.

As for the boy in this case, he is described as a black male, wearing a dark colored shirt, beige pants, and dark shoes with white soles. Detroit police are asking anyone who recognizes him or has information on his whereabouts to contact them at 313-596-5500.

[Feature Photo: Surveillance Footage, Nino’s Liquor Store]