Not So Fast! Man jailed in massive drug haul busted again HOURS after release

The Oregon man’s freedom was short lived — for good reason

An Oregon man was released from jail due to overcrowding, only to be arrested hours later on yet another drug charge.

According to the news station KATU, Casey Miser of Salem, Oregon, was arrested on February 16 for possession of massive amounts of illegal drugs and a stash of cash and weapons. Police executed a search warrant on a property connected to Miser, and reportedly found $40,000 in cash along with 17 pounds of methamphetatmine, 5 pounds of cocaine, a quarter pound of heroin, 10,000 oxycodone pills, 40 pounds of marijuana, five guns, and two sets of body armor.

Miser, 36, was booked on a steep $1.5 million bail, but released late Monday due to jail overcrowding. When police executed yet another search warrant on Miser’s rental property early Tuesday morning, they found another 5 pounds of methamphetamine and an illegal marijuana grow.

It is not known when the latest warrant was issued or if authorities were aware of any pending warrants when Miser was released.

According to the Statesman Journal, Miser now faces five additional drug charges including unlawful manufacture of marijuana, unlawful delivery of methamphetamine, unlawful possession of methamphetamine, unlawful delivery of marijuana, unlawful manufacture of marijuana and violation of a release agreement. These are on top of the three previous charges related to the earlier arrest.

Two other men, Luis Gonzalez, 37, and Jesus Silva, 36, were arrested on Tuesday with Miser.

Miser is reportedly due in court for an arraignment on Friday.
Photo: Salem Police Department