Stand your ground? Can you kill if attacked by popcorn?

A judge will soon decide if a retired police captain was within his rights to shoot to death a man who threw popcorn at him during an argument over cell phone use in a movie theater. It is the latest controversial case involving Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

Curtis Reeves testified this week that he feared for his life when Chad Oulsen tossed a bucket of popcorn at him while watching previews at a Wesley Chapel, Florida, theater. If the judge decides Reeves’ fear that Olson was trying to kill him was reasonable, the 75-year-old man will avoid a murder trial.

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Chad Oulsen’s wife, Nicole, also suffered a wound to her left hand in the shooting. Her lawyer T.J. Grimaldi discusses the case with Nancy Grace in this episode of “Crime Stories.”

[Feature Photo: Pasco County Sheriffs Office/ Facebook]