Jackson family feud: Did nephew abuse Michael’s mom?

Michael Jackson’s mother signed sworn statement alleging that her nephew, who has worked for 15 years as her driver, abused her, stole her money and isolated her from friends and family. The shocking allegations are in a Los Angeles court filing obtained by Crime Online.

Trent Jackson denies the charges and accuses several of Katherine Jackson’s sons and daughters — including Jermaine Jackson — of scheming to get rid of him so they can get closer to the money she inherited from the pop icon.

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“He is not an abuser,” his lawyer Ron Rale said of Trent Jackson. “You talk to this guy, he’s a teddy bear.”

Rale is demanding the opportunity to question the 86-year-old Jackson family matriarch under oath before a March 23, 2017 hearing on the request for a permanent restraining order against Trent Jackson

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