Cops: Maserati driver laughs after crashing, killing Subaru mom of 3 at 144 mph

Bloomfield Township, Michigan, police say that a Maserati driver was going around 144 mph in January when he slammed into a woman driving a Subaru. A newly-released police reports reveals that not only did he kill the victim in the Subaru, but he laughed after crashing.

Detroit Free Press reports that Gregory Allen Belkin, 43, jumped out of his car after crashing it into a 53-year-old female in West Bloomfield, on Square Lake Road. The victim, Rhonda L. Williams, was driving a 2009 Subaru Legacy at around 54 mph.

West Bloomfield Police Officer Scott Schuknecht responded to the accident and noticed Belkin looking around at the crash scene and laughing inappropriately. The officer wrote on the police report that Belkin confirmed numerous times that he drove the Maserati.

“Gregory said he was the driver of the Maserati several times. Gregory said he looked down and looked up while driving, and the vehicle he hit was stopped on the road. I reminded him the other driver was seriously injured and laughing was not appropriate.”

Williams was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital. The mother of three was pronounced dead shortly after. She was on her way home from work when Belkin reportedly crashed into her.

According to investigators, Belkin stopped by at least two places to get drinks on the night the accident occurred. He also presented his girlfriend with an engagement ring earlier that day, but when she turned him down, he drove away from her home, angry. He pulled out his cellphone to make a phone call while driving erratically. Detectives think that Belkin dropped his cellphone while speeding, and when he reached down to find it, he crashed.

Kimberly Glazer, Belkins former girlfriend, told police she recently ended her relationship with him and he was taking it badly.

Allen is charged with second-degree murder and operating under the influence of alcohol, causing death. Allen didn’t deny the charges. He pleaded guilty and remains in jail without bond.

[Feature Photo: Bloomfield Township Police]