Courtroom bombshell: Witness says Aaron Hernandez taunted murder victims as he shot them

The former New England Patriots player is accused of shooting men who spilled their drink on him

A key witness in Aaron Hernandez’s second murder trial claims the former NFL player taunted two alleged murder victims as he shot them, and later bragged about his aim.

Hernandez, who is already serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, is on trial for the double murder of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado outside of a Boston nightclub in the summer of 2012. Hernandez is accused of shooting the men to death in retaliation for bumping into him and spilling a drink on him inside the club.

According to CNN, in the trial’s opening statements on Wednesday, prosecutors said Alexander Bradley, a former friend of the suspect who also claims to be a shooting victim, witnessed Hernandez address de Abreu and Furtado just before firing a gun at their car.

“Yo, what’s up now?” Hernandez reportedly said, adding a racial slur, before firing five shots from inside his own vehicle. Bradley, who was sitting in the passenger seat, reportedly told prosecutors that Hernandez then bragged that he was a good shot.

“I got one in the chest, I got one in the head,” Hernandez is accused of saying.

Hernandez is accused of shooting Bradley in the head several months later, while the men were on a trip to Florida. Bradley told prosecutors that he had complained to Hernandez about the “effed up” shooting incident, and suggested that police suspected him of being involved. The next day, Hernandez allegedly shot him in the head.

The defense team has argued that Bradley, who reportedly has a criminal record and did not come forward after witnessing the alleged shooting, is an unreliable witness.

“There is no science that will connect Aaron Hernandez to this,” defense attorney Jose Baez reportedly said on Wednesday. “What you do have is Bradley’s story. An unbelievable, fantastic tale of lies.”

Bradley was given immunity in exchange for his testimony.
Photo: Associated Press