REVENGE NOT WORTH IT: Woman charged with murdering ex-hubby’s new fiancée

Police arrested two people on Tuesday in connection with a woman found dead at her fiancée’s Roswell home in January.

Petra Reese, 55, and James Lloyd, 31, were arrested and charged with murdering Karen Lee LaForge, 53, of Johns Creek. Reese is the former wife of LaForge’s fiancée, Joseph Reese, 56. Authorities found LaForge in the yard of her Joseph Reece’s home at 505 Tyson Circle, dead from strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head.

According to a Roswell Police Department press release, Lloyd, of Milton, knew Petra Reese, but authorities didn’t go into details about how the pair knew each other. Detectives don’t think anyone else was involved in the killing, but that information could change as the investigation continues.

[Photo: Roswell PD]

“At this time, we do not believe that there are any other persons involved in the death of Karen LaForge, however, we are continuing to close out any and all tips or leads we have or may continue to receive.”

Detectives said that they worked with tips from friends and family members of the victims to piece together what happened. Apparently, Petra Reese had an an uncontrollable jealous streak. Although it’s unclear when or why Joseph Reese and his former wife divorced, a neighbor told 11 Alive that she knew it was likely his ex-wife behind the crime.

“Pretty much the minute I found out she was the girlfriend, I figured it was probably the ex-wife here or perhaps an angry husband or boyfriend.”

LaForge, originally from New Hampshire, was an avid photographer who loved cooking meals for her children, discovering new fashion, and being outdoors. She’s survived by Joseph Reese, and her three children from a previous marriage.

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