Human skull found in field near Long Island Serial Killer dumping ground

Another possible victim of the evasive serial killer?

A Long Island hunter found a detached skull and other human bones in a field ten miles west of a known dumping site of the presumed Long Island Serial Killer.

A hunter, who asked not to be named, told the New York Post that he spotted the remains on Friday while following deer tracks in Middle Island, New York.

“When I got closer I saw the filings in the teeth,” the hunter told the newspaper. “I guarantee it was there a long time, over five years. There was no flesh, no hair, you could see fatigue cracks in the skull from being dried in the sun. I also saw one side of the jaw, maybe two arm bones, a collarbone, vertebrae.”

Middle Island is about ten miles west of Manorville, where partial remains of Long Island Serial Killer victims have been found.

Suffolk County investigators first became aware of a potential serial killer in December 2010, when the remains of four women were found along Gilgo Beach on a barrier island on Long Island’s southern edge. In the search for evidence, detectives found six more sets of remains or partial remains on that barrier island. Two of those victims were matched to partial remains found years earlier in Manorville, including one who was identified as 20-year-old Jessica Taylor.

Police sources told the New York Post there is no evidence at this time that the remains are linked to the Long Island Serial Killer investigation, but the similarities are startling. As The Killing Season director Josh Zeman told the New York Post, the Long Island Serial Killer is known to have dismembered some victims, and multiple sets of remains have been found with the head detached.

“We need to be diligent in identifying anybody who is found,” Zeman told the Post.


Photo: Associated Press