Man douses wife with gasoline, sets her on fire

A 69-year-old Schenectady, New York, man, Antonio Margallo, reportedly doused his wife with gasoline and set her on fire on Saturday while they were arguing. A neighbor was awakened by the screams of the wife, Elizabeth Gonzales, age 48, and rushed to wrap her in a blanket to put out the flames on her burning clothes and body.

Neighbors who live near the couple share chilling recounts of the story.  Marie Suero woke to the sound of screaming and looked out the window to see Gonzales, who lives across the street, screaming her name with her body in flames.

Claire Morales, who is Suero’s daughter, also lives next door to Suero. She was awakened by her husband, who heard the same commotion. When Morales looked out her own window and saw Gonzales in flames, she is the one who grabbed the blanket to try to help her neighbor.

“My heart is broken. I really tried to save her – I really did,” Morales said while being interviewed Sunday outside Gonzales’ house.

Gonzales was able to give police a description of what happened, according to officials, so they were able to hear from her directly about the husband’s actions.  They then airlifted her to Westchester Medical Center, where she died Sunday morning.

Bargallo was initially charged with attempted murder upon his arrest. According to police, the charge will likely be upgraded to second-degree murder.

Bargallo is being held in county jail without bail.  At the time of this story, it’s unknown whether he is being represented by a lawyer.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]