Warning! Worried about your senior mom or dad?

These caretakers charged with neglect and squandering a senior’s $$$

A 76-year-old Atlanta woman remains in the hospital months later after three Georgia State University students allegedly neglected her and stole her money.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that authorities found Patricia Neville, the millionaire owner of Atlanta Truck Parts, in her Lake Spivey Country Club home in October, covered with wounds, bruises, and scratches. Neville hired three women to take help take care of her and her disabled daughter, but reportedly, the women abused Neville incessantly.

Fulton police arrested Shelley Dale Lovegrove, 44, Jennifer Rene Lassen, 35, and  Alexis Ann Messenger, 26. They were all charged with neglect and elder abuse.

The trio made $1,000 a week, each, to take care of Neville and her daughter. Instead of taking care of them, the women allegedly opened up credit cards in Neville’s name in order to pay their college tuition.

According to Elizabeth Williams Winfield, Neville’s conservator, not only did the women steal from the elderly woman, but they neglected her so badly that she had to be hospitalized.

“She was extremely underweight and dehydrated. She had several open wounds.”

All three women remain behind bars. The story is still developing. Check back later for additional details.