Dash cam video: Ohio parents overdose in front of their kids

An Ohio couple allegedly overdosed on drugs in front of their children on February 27. Police recently released a dash cam video of the ordeal. Both were formerly charged on Monday, court documents confirm.

ABC 7 reports that police knocked on Nathan Carroll’s door off of Westview Court, to check on his other kids after he was found passed out on drugs, with his infant son in the back seat.

A young girl let the officers in and they immediately spotted the girl’s mother, Samantha Schigel, swaying unsteadily while standing on the stairwell. Schigel then passed out in front of the authorities. Police gave her Naloxone and called in paramedics.

The couple had five children total living in the home; all went to their grandparents.

When Schigel became responsive, she told police that she snorted a white powdery substance with her husband before he left for the store with their baby son. Authorities found .02 grams of cocaine and fentanyl inside the home. Schigel claimed she’d never tried the drug before and was looking for a way to treat pain. She was arrested on child endangerment charges.

Carroll was arrested for “operating a vehicle under the influence, implied consent to test, endangering children, driving under suspension and failure to control.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio ranks in the top five states for the highest amount of drug overdose deaths. Over the past three years, the state has seen drug overdose cases increase by 70%.

[Feature Photo: Lorain Police Department]