Reality star Todd Chrisley under state investigation for tax fraud

Reality star Todd Chrisley is under state investigation in Georgia for reportedly dodging state taxes and failing to pay for them years.

According to state documents, investigators subpoenaed Kyle, the oldest son of the Chrisley Knows Best star. Kyle reportedly cut off all ties from his father, but he still lives in Georgia, and had no problems telling WSB-TV exactly how he felt about his father.

“He’s always been that way. He stretches the truth,” Kyle said, referring to Chrisley’s alleged failure to pay his state income taxes for numerous years.

When asked if he was ever Florida resident, Kyle said “no,” and indicated that although the family vacationed in Florida, their residence was exclusively in Georgia.

“We really went there for vacations in the summer and that was really the only time we ever went. We lived here in Georgia.”

Court filings indicate that Chrisley declared himself a Georgia resident numerous times, yet during those years, he failed to file Georgia taxes. On his federal tax returns, he claimed to be a Florida resident when he was actually living in Georgia. Yet, numerous lawsuits filed by Chrisley stated that he was a Georgia resident.

In August 2o13, while under oath in a recorded deposition, Chrisley’s wife, Julie, swore that they were never Florida residents.

“I think he’s trying to hide money,” “He doesn’t like to pay what he owes.” Kyle surmised about his estranged father.

Kyle also admitted that his father spared no effort as he tried to keep up his sham of being a Florida resident. For instance, when Kyle was a teen, Chrisley reportedly took him and his sister to Florida to get their driver’s license there.

WSB-TV’s Jodie Fleischer asked Kyle why his father, who supposedly has an ample amount of money, wouldn’t just pay his Georgia taxes.

“When you grow up not having money, and then when you finally get some, i don’t think you want to give it to anyone,” Kyle responded.

Kyle quickly added, however, that he wants his father held accountable for his actions.

Chrisley couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

[Feature Photo: AP/Richard Shotwell/Invision]