Body parts found in missing family murder investigation

The family had been disputing over an inheritance

The man who confessed to killing his former brother-law, his wife, and his two children, had led French investigators to body parts, according to the BBC.

Hubert Caouissin, the estranged husband of Pascal Troadec’s sister Lydie, reportedly confessed earlier this week to murdering the family of four in their home outside of Nantes in Western France last month. The Troadecs — Pascal and his wife Brigitte, both 49; Sebastian, 21; and Charlotte, 18 — had not been since since mid-February.

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Caouissin had reportedly been in a dispute with Pascal over gold bars found in a property owned by Pascal and Lydie’s late father; though the existence of the gold has not been confirmed. Caouissin reportedly told authorities in his confession that he had gone to the Troadec’s home to retrieve a key, and killed the entire family after Pascal awoke and confronted him with a crowbar — turning the weapon first against Pascal, before killing his wife, and then his children.

According to the BBC, Caouissin was briefly let out of custody in order to lead investigators to the remains he allegedly disposed of at his farm in de Pont-de-Buis-les-Quimerch, in northwestern Brittany.

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The suspect is believed to have dismembered the bodies and burned some of the remains. The body parts found at the remote farm have yet to be identified.

Lydie Troadec, Pascal’s sister and Caouissin’s former wife, was arrested with the suspected murderer on Sunday. Her complete role in the alleged murders is not yet known, but she is reportedly suspected of cleaning the vehicle Caouissin used to transport the bodies.

The suspects were apprehended after Sebastian’s car and personal items belonging to Charlotte were discovered in proximity to Lydie’s home in Brest.


Photo: Associated Press