O.J. Simpson could go straight from prison to reality T.V.

A friend of Simpson’s has said he believes O.J. will confess

O.J. Simpson could be released from prison as early as October of this year, and if he is, he will likely be seeing offers for his own reality show.

From the infamous car chase to the sensational 1995 murder trial to the ESPN documentary to The People vs. O.J. Simpson, the O.J. Simpson story has been ratings gold — and according to TMZ, several production companies are looking to cash in once O.J. is a free man.

TMZ claims to have spoken with numerous producers and agents, and although none of them were willing to be named, several reportedly said they expected an O.J. Simpson nonfiction show or series to follow his release if he is paroled in October — while others reportedly “recoiled” at the idea.

Simpson was famously found not guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, but was later found to be liable for their deaths at a civil trial. In 2008, he was sentenced to 33 years in prison after being found guilty of numerous charges related to the theft of sports memorabilia.

In 2006, Fox cancelled the scheduled broadcast of a show based on Simpson’s notorious book If I Did It, after the network faced backlash. And the sources who spoke to TMZ said they thought it would be unlikely that any Simpson series would air on a broadcast network, as it would likely have a hard time finding advertisers. But others said they could see a documentary or interview special airing on Pay-Per-View.

Last year, Ronald Shipp, a longtime friend of Simpson’s and former Los Angeles police officer, told the Daily News he expected the former NFL star would one day confess to murdering Brown and Goldman.

“I hope one day he actually will rid us of all the doubt and all the conspiracy theories and say ‘sorry I cannot go to prison, but I am sorry I did it,” Shipp said. Asked if he believed Simpson would come clean, Shipp said he did.


Photo: Associated Press