Texas soccer mom pulls a gun in kiddie car pool

There were children in the car

One mother pulled a gun on another during an argument at a Texas elementary school, according to KHOU.

School officials told the news station that an altercation took place during Thursday morning drop-off at Deer Park Elementary School, while there were children in the car. One of the woman reportedly got upset that another mom was driving too fast.

The woman did not fire the weapon, and no one was injured. Weapons are not permitted on school grounds, though a KHOU report said gun possession may be legal on school property as long as the weapon stays in the car.

“[It] Breaks my heart because they are so impressionable at this point when is this going to do for them when they have a conflict,” Jeff Wylin, a neighbor, told the news station. “Is that the first resolution they are going to think of, I’ll pull a gun and brandish a gun? Not good.”

The principal of Deer Park Elementary sent a letter to parents addressing the incident, and ABC 13 published the full text of message.

“Conflicts such as the one that took place this morning have no place at our school,” the letter read in part. “Keeping our schools safe for our children and community is our highest priority, but we can’t do it alone.”


Photo: Pixabay