Kidnapped Florida mom found alive and safe but possibly injured; husband arrested

Alisa Summers’s husband Trevor has been uncooperative with police

A Florida mother who was seen with her hands bound while being forced into a car has been found safe, according to CBS News.

Witnesses reported seeing Alisa Summers, 37, screaming for help with her hands tied together outside a Tampa Walgreens this weekend, while being pushed into her car by a man later identified as her estranged husband, Trevor Steven Summers, 39.

On Monday, a witness reportedly saw Summers’ SUV and alerted police, while following the car to a residence. Police found Mrs. Summers inside the car, parked in a garage. While the woman ran from the car to police, Mr. Summers has reportedly been uncooperative since being taken into custody. 

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The Hillsborough County Sheriff told CBS News that Trevor had a non-life-threatening self-inflicted knife wound, and Alisa also appeared to have a knife wound on her wrist, that may have been inflicted by her husband.

On Monday, Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee praised the witnesses’s vigilance.

“The public being responsive to these alerts helped us out, no question about it,” Gee told CBS News.

It is unclear how Alisa came to be held captive by her husband in her own car. Before she was found, family members had reportedly told police that she had gone to Trevor’s home on Saturday morning to talk about the marriage, which has been tumultuous. A sheriff’s spokesperson also told reporters that the couple’s children and grandfather did not seem particularly worried by what had transpired.

But with more information, the picture looks somewhat different. The Summers’ have five children, ages 3 to 14, who are reportedly living with their paternal grandfather. The sheriff told the news station that Trevor had convinced his 14-year-old daughter to leave her window open at her grandfather’s house Friday night so he could come in. Then, the girl reportedly drove her father and some of her siblings back to his house. The timeline from there is still murky.

Police are continuing to talk to Mrs. Summers to find out what happened to her.

“She’s obviously very upset at this point and we’re taking our time interviewing her,” Gee said.


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