‘Dynasty’ star Linda Evans DUI video unearthed

The soap opera actress was good at keeping a secret

Linda Evans, the actress best known for playing Krystle Carrington on 1980s prime time soap opera hit Dynasty, was arrested three years ago on a DUI but somehow managed to keep that information under wraps until now.

Evans, now 74, was arrested in May 2014, after an off-duty police officer caught her driving erratically near her home in Washington State — and it was all caught on video by Radar Online .

According to the police report obtained by Radar Online, the officer pulled Evans over because she was driving her 1990’s Jeep Cherokee under the 50 mph speed limit, drifting in and out of her lane, and she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Twice, the officer said she drove into the oncoming lane.

Photo Credit: Radar Online


“I was afraid the vehicle was going to kill someone,” the officer said in the report. 

A second off-duty officer arrived on the scene and found a baggie with 29 pink pills during a search of Evans’s car.

Evans claimed she was on her way to a doctor’s appointment and the pills were from a friend —  she said she wastaking them for her back pain due to a slipped disk. But when Evans went to hand over her license and registration, she mistakenly gave the officer her credit card.

According to AOL News, the officer said Evans’ eyes were “droopy” and her clothes appeared to be “soiled.” 

“Here’s my concern, okay, I understand that you’re injured, but because you’ve taken some medications, I want to make sure those medications aren’t impairing you like alcohol,” he reportedly told her.

Evans then admitted to taking seven pills earlier that day, including Advil.

After failing a field sobriety test, Evans was arrested, received 12-month suspended sentence, and was on probation until 2016.