Mommy was Right: Prof Robert Kelly says wife was not too rough with kids; Watch the viral video and decide!

South Korean politics expert, Professor Robert Kelly, opened up about accusations of his wife “being too rough” on their children on Tuesday, and defended her after a video of her pulling her two children out of a room went viral.

The Guardian reports that Kelly became something of an “Internet sensation” last week when his two children, Kelly, 4, and 8-month-old, James, “crashed” his live Skype interview with BBC World News. As Kelly discussed South Korea’s president, Park Geun-hye, on the live interview, his little girl sauntered into the room and walked up her dad. Less than a minute later, baby James, in an infant walker, pushed his way into the room to join his sister.

As Kelly tried his best to ignore the kids’ intrusion and continue on with the interview, his wife, Jung-a Kim, rushed in, and with a frantic look on her face, pulled both children out of the room quickly. The children didn’t appear harmed by Jung-a Kim’s quick actions, but nevertheless, numerous people online began commenting on her parenting style, accusing her of handling her kids too roughly. While Kelly was worried about the BBC’s reaction to his children, he was now facing a crowd of angry Internet users accusing his wife of being abusive.

“My wife Jung-a did not use too much force in removing the children from the room. People asked this. Our children were not hurt… we normally do not treat our children the way you saw in the clip.”

He also touched on assumptions made by some viewers that his wife, who’s Korean, was actually his nanny.

“We would like to clear up some of the rumors and controversies around the video. Yes, the woman in the video is my wife, not my nanny.”

Watch the viral video yourself and decide. Was Jung-a Kim too rough on the children?

[Feature Photo: AP/Ha Kyung-min/Newsis]