Bombshell! Madeleine McCann ‘died in apartment’ claims expert

“Madeline is dead,” the criminal profiler insists

A criminal profiler has spoken out on the missing Madeleine McCann case, insisting that the little girl is dead and that it is a waste of resources to continue what she believes is a bogus missing persons investigation.

American author and profiler Pat Brown told that she has closely analyzed the case and believes Maddie, who was just shy of her fourth birthday in May 2007, died accidentally in her family’s vacation apartment in Portugal, and has accused the girl’s parents of covering up the death and hiding the body.

“Madeleine is dead,” Brown told the news outlet. “There’s no point spending all of this money as nothing they do is going to make that child alive.”

Brown said she believed the little girl died “of an accident occurring through neglect and possible medication,” echoing a popular internet theory that Kate and Gerry McCann gave their children a drug to help them sleep before leaving them alone in the apartment to dine with friends at a tapas restaurant on the resort property.

Brown also said she believes the body was brought to a remote location and “will never be found,” and explained why she thinks the parents are lying when they insist Maddie was kidnapped from her bed.

When I analyzed (Madeleine’s) case, it led me to believe evidence does not support an abduction. An abduction was extremely unlikely based on the amount of time, evidence at the scene, and every other shred of evidence there has ever been.”

In the nearly ten years since Maddie vanished, her parents have maintained they had absolutely nothing to do with her disappearance and insisted that she little girl was snatched from her room by an intruder or possible child predator. Witnesses at the resort reported seeing a man carrying a child in pajamas in the direction of the beach the night Maddie went missing.

Last week, a British tabloid reported that investigators were seeking to question a new person of interest in the case, just as multiple news outlets reported that the British investigating agency was granted additional funding to extend its probe into the girl’s disappearance.


Photo: Police handout