Delphi teens killers may have been found; authorities search home of interest

Defense attorney claims that home owner is not a suspect

The FBI, Indiana State Police, and Carroll County, Indiana, deputies served a warrant today to search the home of a man who may be connected to the Delphi teens killings.

FOX 59 reports that authorities arrested Ron Logan, 77, on unrelated charges last week, but are now searching his home for clues and evidence related to the murders of Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14. The two girls’ bodies were found on Logan’s expansive property on February 13. Detectives still haven’t specified how the girls died, but they did confirm that both deaths are being treated as homicides.

The new search may possibly be the break that authorities need. It’s been over a month since the girls died, and even with over 10,000 leads and tips, authorities still haven’t arrested anyone for murders.

Last month, Logan told authorities that he “couldn’t come to terms with” the girls being found on his land, and was seemingly upset and worried that a killer was on the loose.

“To have something like this in your own house, your own home – I just can’t get my mind around it yet, it’s really difficult. I can’t comprehend it.”

Although police said that the search would either rule Logan out as a suspect or make him one, Andrew A. Achey, Logan’s attorney, said that Logan is not considered a suspect and “had no involvement in this heinous crime.” Achey also asks that the public refrain from jumping to conclusions.

“I would like to caution the public to avoid jumping to conclusions before law enforcement has completed the ongoing investigation.”

[Feature Photo: Delphi Police]