Woops! Suspect in Youngstown drug arrest couldn’t spell his fake last name for cops

If you’re going to use a fake name, make sure you can spell it

An Ohio man man was arrested on an outstanding warrant after he bungled the spelling of his chosen alias.

Shawta Hasley was a passenger in a vehicle stop Thursday at 4 p.m. on Pasadena Avenue in Youngstown.  When Youngstown Police officers asked for his name, he said he was Phillip Troy Mullens, according to a report on WKBN.

But when police asked him to spell his name, he couldn’t do it. .Police quickly became suspicious that the man wasn’t who he said he was.  Hasley, 21, finally fessed up and gave officers his social security number. With that, polcie found an active warrant for Hasley relating to a drug charge in Mahoning County.

The day got even worse for Hasley: When office searched his person, police found cocaine and heroin.  He was ultimately charged with drug possession, giving false information and obstructing official police business.


Photo: Youngstown Police Department