Hero saves women from burning car just in time [VIDEO]

The women may not be alive today if not for the bravery of a stranger

Two California women may owe their lives to a stranger after he pulled them from a burning car on a Cerritos highway.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Danny Mitchell was driving on the 91 freeway in Cerritos early Sunday morning when a driver in front of him lost control of the car while attempting a lane merge.

California Highway Patrol told the news station that the car flipped over onto an embankment and burst into flames.

Mitchell did not hesitate in coming to the aid of the passengers, and pulled two women out of the burning car.

“I just pulled over and snatched the girls out the car before it exploded because it was on fire,” Mitchell told NBC News. “”It was hot. But I wasn’t thinking about that. I didn’t care.”

According to NBC News, the car was fully consumed by flames not long after Mitchell pulled the women to safety.

Both women suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital. A spokesperson for the CHP told NBC News that they may have died if it were not for Mitchell’s bravery.


Photo: Screenshot/NBC News video