Passed-out drunk mom covered in her own urine found lying on top of her kid as another child flees home

One of her children has accused the mom of suffocating her and an infant sibling

A Kentucky woman has been arrested for child endangerment after her five children were discovered in various unsafe circumstances Monday morning — and one accused her of trying to suffocate them.

According to Lex 18,¬†Winchester police responded to a complaint at Esther Johnson’s home just after midnight and found the door wide open with three unattended children in the front room of the house. In the bedroom, they found Ms. Johnson unconscious from apparent intoxication, covered in her own urine and with “a child underneath her,” according to the news station.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, a 9-year-old child had run a mile down the road to a relative’s home to get help. That child told officers that her mother had tried to suffocate her and and 1-year-old sibling by forcing their faces into a pillow.

Police also said the Ms. Johnson had hit the children with hair appliances.

The suspect was booked on five counts of child endangerment and two counts of fourth-degree assault. Social services has reportedly removed all children from the home.


Photo: Winchester Police Department