Casey Anthony to editor: ‘Why would I want to do an interview for nothing?’

Tot mom claims she is not trying to profit from her daughter Caylee’s death, while teasing a possible reality show

After her bombshell Associated Press (AP) interview last month, Casey Anthony continues to crawl further out of the woodwork, and has promised — or threatened, depending how you feel about it — that we will be “seeing more of” her.

According to Hollywood Life, Anthony, who was notoriously acquitted in 2011 of killing her toddler daughter Caylee, exchanged a series of direct messages with the editor of InTouch magazine in which she seems to have refused an official interview but nonetheless appears to have an answered some interview questions.

“Eventually people will be seeing more of me,” Anthony reportedly said in the message exchange. “I am not hiding from something I did not do … just to appease others.”

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Anthony seems acutely aware that many who followed her dramatic murder trial believe that she is responsible for her daughter’s death. Even six years later, she continues to claim she doesn’t know what happened to her little girl, and has never been able to satisfactorily explain why she didn’t report her daughter missing.

In the messages to InTouch, Anthony teased the idea of a reality show but then backtracked, claiming she was only joking. (Hilarious! Not.)

My past will remain out there … I will talk about Casey going forward. Maybe a reality show?

She then reportedly said she was “kidding,” adding:

“Who would watch it anyway, I know the ones that say they wouldn’t.”

Anthony also insisted she was not intending to profit from her daughter’s death, while seeming to tell the InTouch editor that she would not do an interview for free.

Against popular belief, I am not trying to cash in on Caylee’s death … but why would I do an interview for nothing. What would I get out of it? No one would believe anything I had to say anyway.. So there’s really no point.

In an exclusive statement to Crime Online, an Associated Press spokesperson said that Anthony was not paid for her February interview, which was published just a week after the judge who presided over her trial said he believed Anthony accidentally killed her daughter.

“AP did not pay Casey Anthony,” the spokesperson said in an email. “As noted in our News Values and Principles, AP does not pay newsmakers for interviews, to take their photographs or to film or record them.”

Crime Online‘s Nancy Grace, who led the media coverage of Anthony’s murder trial, expressed shock and outrage at the mother’s high profile AP interview in an exclusive statement to Crime Online, which read in part:

I am very disturbed by tot mom Casey Anthony’s desire to inject herself into the spotlight again, re-living the murder of her little girl Caylee. In her interview she states, “I sleep pretty good at night.” I was shocked at that. Because with all the mothers and fathers that I’ve dealt with over many, many years, prosecuting their children’s killers, trying to find their missing children, beating the streets to help locate kidnap victims and murder victims, I have never once in all my years had a parent say they sleep pretty good at night when their child has been kidnapped or murdered.

Read Nancy’s full statement here.


Photo: Associated Press