Not lovin’ it! McDonald’s customer crawls thru drive-thru window, attacks worker SEE VIDEO

A McDonald’s worker deserves a break today after an angry customer crawled through the drive-thru window to attack him.

In an undated video captured on the store’s CCTV camera and posted on LiveLeak, a man is seen leaning into the drive-thru windows at a McDonald’s, appearing to be upset about something, as he making obscene gestures with his hand toward the worker inside. As the argument seems to escalate, the man actually tries to climb all the way into the store through the window.

Fortunately, the man working that night was endowed with muscles to defend himself and the offender only gets one leg in the window. The silent clip shows several rapid-fire punches going back and forth between them until the aggressor is pushed back out of the window.

Maybe he really messed up the order!