Peanut the Dog saves 3-year-old naked, freezing tot-girl

A formerly abused rescue dog came to the rescue of a 3-year-old girl who was lying naked in a ditch in the freezing cold last week — showing a remarkable sixth sense for knowing the little girl was in dire trouble and desperately needed help.

According to the news site, Peanut had recently found a permanent home after recovering from abuse and neglect at the Delta Animal Shelter in Michigan. Peanut’s owner contacted the shelter to let them know about Peanut’s remarkable heroism, and the shelter posted the story on its Facebook page.

The letter reads, in part:

Today, Peanut was responsible for saving the life of a 3 year old little girl. About 11am this morning, Peanut started going crazy at our house. She was running up and down the stairs, barking and yelping. She then went and got my husband, who was in the garage working on some projects, and alerted him that she wanted to go outside. He said he could hear her running around upstairs but didn’t understand why. He let her outside where she went barreling into the field behind our house at full speed. My husband followed her and to his surprise, he found a naked, shivering, 3 year old girl curled up in a ball. He scooped her up, wrapped her in his sweatshirt, and brought her inside. He called 911 and reported the incident. By the time the ambulance and police arrived, the little girl could only say one thing – “doggie.”

After the girl was rescued, police reportedly searched the area to find her parents. When they got to the little girl’s home, they found “unsafe and unsanitary conditions.” 

The girl and another child in the home are now in the custody of Child Protective services.

Photo: Facebook