Woman who recorded herself beating children says she wanted her husband to come home [WARNING: Graphic Video]

She threatens to beat her children to death

A Baltimore-area woman willingly recorded a video of herself viciously beating two of her children, but she may not have counted on the video going viral.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Rachel Marie Pietro was arrested on multiple counts of child abuse and assault after a video posted on social media shows her hitting her children in the head while they cry and scream.

At one point she speaks directly to the camera, appearing to say, “I will beat these kids to death if you don’t take me to the f$%^g hospital.”

Pietro, 26, recorded the video herself but likely did not mean for it to be shared as widely as it has. The Baltimore Sun reports that the mother of three told police she was having a “psychotic break” and wanted to get her husband’s attention so he would come home from work to take care of her and get her the help she needed.

She also said that she hit the children after one of them had threatened her with a knife and a pair of scissors, while another one bit her.

Pietro’s three children, ages two, five and six years old, are in the care of the Department of Social Services. During the investigation into the video, one of the children reportedly told police that their mother hit them regularly,a dn would sometimes lock them in a 3 x 3 foot toy box. Other times, the child said, she and/or her siblings will spend the night in the box in order to hide from their parents.

Pietro is being held without bail at Baltimore County Jail.


Photo: Baltimore County Jail