UConn shuts down ‘dangerous’ frat after horrific student death

A fraternity has been permanently expelled from the University of Connecticut after a female student was run over and killed by a campus fire department vehicle following an alcohol-fueled fraternity party, reports The Hartford-Courant.

Jeffny Pally, 19, was leaning against a loading door when a campus fire vehicle responding to a call pulled out, running her over.

The driver of the fire vehicle reportedly did not realize that he had run over the nursing student until he returned over an hour later.

Pally had a blood-alcohol level of 0.25 at the time, over three times the legal limit for intoxication, and had been coming from a party hosted by the Kappa Sigma fraternity, which is associated with the Delta Gamma sorority. The university has imposed sanctions on the sorority chapter and it is no longer recognized at the school, according to The Hartford-Courant.

Six members of Kappa Sigma, believed to have been serving alcohol at the off-campus party, had previously been charged in connection to Pally’s death. And on March 13, the university formally notified the fraternity chapter that it would no longer be permitted to operate at UConn. The school also released a statement:

In most cases, fraternities or sororities are given an opportunity to reorganize on campus after several years if they follow prescribed steps, including regaining their national charter. However, the university determined in this case that Kappa Sigma will not have that opportunity, given that it has displayed a pattern of behavior and organizational culture that has been dangerous to the members of the group as well as those associated with it.

Pally’s death was ruled accidental, and her family has been fighting to block the release of a video showing the tragic accident.


Photo: Facebook